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What’s Your Home Worth?

Luis Aguilar

Sure California weather is amazing!
Yes we have beaches, beauty, culture, style, shopping, yachting, great hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, marinas, golf courses and yes, the country’s most sought after real estate!
Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Malibu are some of the world’s most well-recognized brands, synonymous with ultra-luxury, golden white beaches, fine dining and some of the most beautiful architectural landscapes in the country.


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At one point or another the dream of owning our own home becomes everyone’s quest. The journey can be simple or complex and having the right professional guidance is a must.

My commitment to every client is to make the journey simple and stress free by setting the right expectations on day one and then working together to create a road map to success.  I believe that by setting the right expectations and providing a road map before embarking on any journey greatly reduces the anxiety of not knowing what lies ahead or how much longer before we make it home.

As the saying goes “knowledge is power” and when it comes to what is likely to be the single most expensive purchase in your life, having the right coach guiding the way empowers you with the necessary information to make the right choices for you and your family’s future.

To a successful journey…
Luis Aguilar

~Serving the Riverside California and Inland Empire communities since 1991~


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Buying or selling a home? Are you a foreigner or first time home buyer in search of a professional to help educate and guide you through the buying process here in the states? Interested in a sensible real estate investment for a second home or investment property? – I’m here to assist.
Looking to buy a house or condo, a luxury home, or estate with a city view?  I’ll find you that ideal condo or dream home and make it possible for you to create that perfect California lifestyle you’ve always been yearning for. Real estate is moving again! Of course, you’ll need a great realtor you can trust. Someone to act as your California eyes and ears, to make sense of it all.  Need a knowledgeable, experienced and ethical realtor with vision? Someone that gets it and gets it done! Someone that works with common sense?
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